As Women of Achievement Month begins, Psychotherapist Heather Hans is offering help for women looking for success in the World of Love.

Hans knows what makes a passionate, healthy, and soulful relationship. See her review below to learn how to avoid the same old failures and find the perfectly matched partner that every empowered woman deserves.

According to Hans, the biggest mistake women make when it comes to love relationships is saying yes to any man who shows interest in them. Empowered women learn to JUST SAY NO! To make the first step toward developing an extraordinary relationship, start avoiding the following characters (can be men or women):

  1. The New Age Con – He uses a spiritual persona as pick-up tool. Sad but true.
  2. The Bad Boy – You will never fix or change him.
  3. The Practical Choice – There is one problem with this sensible solution: you feel no passion for him.
  4. The Hot Mess – The appeal fades in about four months when looks are his only redeeming quality.
  5. The Long-Distance Lover – A road to nowhere, based in fantasy and not reality.
  6. The Addict –Any type of addiction will limit one’s availability for intimacy.
  7. The Casanova – Make sure to check this smooth talker’s references before being seduced.
  8.  The Vulcher - This one goes in for the kill (sex) immediately, without taking the time to get to know you.
  9.  The Trust Fund Baby – Without motivation, how will he respond life’s challenges?
  10. The Online Dater who “Enjoys Outdoor Activities” – Hiking is great, but he must also be able to hold a deep conversation.
  11. The Extreme Opposite – Differences are important but attraction of an extreme opposite reflects a need for you to become more balanced in yourself.
  12.  The Follower – This person is a slave to others and will never step up as your equal match.
  13. The Cradle Robber – A man who ONLY dates younger women is immature, ego-centric, and no empowered woman his own age would put up with him.
  14. The Dufus – One who lacks self-awareness and does not learn from his mistakes will get old quickly.
  15. The Prestigious Package – A Ph.D. from Harvard means nothing without internal substance, so make sure he has both.

Heather Hans, LCSW, MSW, MBA, CPIC, is a Visionary, Healer & Teacher, and the author of The Heart of Self-Love: How to Radiate with ConfidenceIt is Heather's firm belief that loving oneself is necessary to have fulfilling relationships and a successful life. To have Heather's inspiration delivered directly to your inbox sign up for her Newsletter (your email will NEVER be shared).