Uncovering Relationship Attachment Styles

Nice Guy Dating Kevin Alexander   Heather Hans re-joins Kevin Alexander in an encore interview about Attachment theory, how it can change all of your current and future relationships, and why relationships tend to be the places where we are most vulnerable....

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Relationship with Self Drives Relationships with Others

Corporate Talk Radio with Charlie & Eva   Heather once again joins Charlie and Eva of Corporate Talk Radio to discuss overcoming toxic relationships, making small shifts in your everyday life in order to manifest big changes, and, most importantly,...

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Heather Hans Interview With Nice Guy Dating

Nice Guy Dating Kevin Alexander   Heather Hans offers advice to the Nice Guy Nation including setting goals for yourself & following through, how to nurture your own self-love, and setting yourself up for success....

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Focusing on How You WANT to Feel

Law You Should Know Attorney Kenneth J. Landau   Heather joins Ken Landau of "Law You Should Know" on WHPC 90.3 FM Garden City, NY to explain how to find your inner-confidence, the two-part process of  visualization & practice, and the many possible...

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Traveling the Road to Success

Straight Talk Nick Lawrence   Heather details the path to success, including positive thinking & energy, confronting challenges, and enjoying the journey on the path towards greatness. Other topics also include why self-love & self-respect must precede...

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Fulfillment Through Healthy Relationships

Read My Lips Radio Bonnie D. Graham aka RadioRed   Heather joins Bonnie D. Graham, aka RadioRed, of Read My Lips Radio to discuss the values of Gen Y and how they can avoid becoming the most unfulfilled generation EVER by building healthy relationships throughout...

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When to Ask For Help

Consciously Speaking Michael Neeley In this episode, Michael is joined by Consciously Speaking regular, Heather Hans (Episodes 11, 24, 100, 122, & 155). Heather and Michael will be discussing asking for help – why we’re sometimes reluctant to do so, when it’s...

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