Lowly Worm Inspiration

Isaiah, who was considered a prophet by Jews, Muslims and Christians, said that God views even a nation’s leader as a lowly worm. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the wisdom of this metaphor. It’s not meant to insult us, but rather to remind us that we are...

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Motivation for the Hard Days

Some days you don’t know how you’re going to make it through the day, much less the rest of your life. Those are the days for the good ole 12-step slogan, “one day at a time,” or as I say, “one leg at a time.” No need to worry about tomorrow or the next day, or even...

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Magic of Melancholy & Depression

We’re each born with one of four temperaments, says Hypocrites. Melancholic temperaments are genius prone, idealistic, and deeply sympathetic. They’re able to solve the most complex problems, initiate the most analytical thoughts, and create masterpiece works of art....

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Thought Determines Success

Every thought you have either weakens or strengthens you. The more you keep yourself upbeat, the stronger every single organ of your body. Most physical problems stem from a weakening thought. Shame, guilt, fear, and anger are lower energies that weaken you and they...

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Men Loving Men

So, I had a boyfriend once who nearly fell on the floor when I told him my fantasy was to see him with another man. Woman to woman fantasies have been accepted for eons. Why? Because “the man” likes it. Well I am an equal opportunity visionary. Heck, it’s more...

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Marriage Guaranteed for Success

I, Heather, take you, Divine Source of All Creation, to be my trusted beloved. To help me fill the people with inspiration and delight. I vow to spend my life cultivating my expression of you. Our relationship is my most important consideration and I vow to put every...

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