Polished by Brandi Minter

Ask yourself:

How can I affect change in the world?  How can I bring value to someone else's life?  What talents, gifts, and passions do I have to offer?  Am I ready to step it up?

If you have an answer to any of these questions look no further; you can make it happen today right now with just a tiny shift in your mindset. Make a decision today that you are going to make your dreams happen no matter what!

Take a look at how the amazing Heather Hans is leading and see what she can do for you. She shares a great tip in her  "guest post” that has helped not only myself but thousands of others. Who knows maybe you will be the next…

Heather Hans is a mystical healer of loving energy for the heart, mind, body and soul. A licensed social worker and psychotherapist, certified professional Intuitive Coach, Certified Holistic Healer, Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner, CPA, MSW and MBA; Heather has traveled a journey of spiritual awakening and has combined her gifts, pain, and story to emerge as a channel for the divine to help you heal your life, through her Internet TV channel, Heather Hans TV. Connect with Heather on FacebookTwitter or her website at www.HeatherHans.com


What would help you protect yourself from negative energy coming your way?

It’s wonderful to be vulnerable in relationships with people who are trustworthy, but it’s quite another to be around people who are negative and toxic and spewing their negativity at you.

One thing you can do to combat this is to visualize yourself in armor.  Visualizations are used by people of all professions, from surgeons to pro-sports players to scientists.  People across the board use visualization to help themselves achieve goals or to achieve a certain state of being.

A lot of times, if you have high standards for yourself, you will make shifts in your life.  These shifts aren’t always easy for people around you.  Sometimes they will try to pull you down with them.  Why?  Because you are reflecting back to them what they are not doing in their lives.  They might try to make you feel guilty for it.  They might judge you for it, and it might feel like a million bullets are flying at you.  What you have to do is battle them off and envision yourself in a suit of armor.  Don’t look back and try to fight them.  Don’t turn around because you’ll lose focus on your vision.  Stay forward, look forward.  What they want is attention.  If you give it to them, or turn that way and let them hurt you, you’re giving them exactly what they want, and in the meantime you’re not achieving what YOU want.  Stay forward.

I once had a situation where I made a positive change for myself, and a few people close to me were very unaccepting.  It was because I was reflecting back to them that they were not making that change in their lives.  This was very hurtful because of who they were in my life.  It hurt me deeply.  I’m sensitive.  It hurts whether your sensitive or not, but because I'm sensitive, it rocked me to the core.  So, I would lie in bed at night and imagine myself in a suit of armor and I would imagine those bullets flying off of me.  Before I knew it I made it through it.  I stayed forward.  Those negative people and that negative energy will stop harassing you once you don’t give it any attention.

Take a look at your life.  In what areas in your life do you feel negative energy, and can you spend just two minutes a day envisioning yourself in YOUR sheet of armor?


Heather Hans, LCSW, MSW, MBA, CPIC, is a Visionary, Healer & Teacher, and the author of The Heart of Self-Love: How to Radiate with ConfidenceIt is Heather's firm belief that loving oneself is necessary to have fulfilling relationships and a successful life. To have Heather's inspiration delivered directly to your inbox sign up for her Newsletter (your email will NEVER be shared).