Down with the Victim Games

Special Report: The main source of human drama is reported to be the Victim Triangle.
Is there a role you find yourself starring in?

Healing through Humor

The healing touch of humor is necessary to our of our lives! Take a moment to connect with your lighter side with some funny moments with Heather.

How You Can When You Think You Can’t

Regain love in your heart despite inner and outer destruction.
Visionary healer and teacher, Heather Hans shares how she as a teacher learns most from her students.

How Your Relationship Dreams Come True

In order to achieve any goal, including a fulfilling relationship, you must first have the belief that you can do it. Heather takes you through the steps necessary to having good relationships.



Heather shares How to Radiate with Confidence with Las Vegas Inspire! Get ready to create a happier world through self-love and confidence.


Every single person and situation in this life is here to serve you. Heather guides in how to let go of the past when you don't know how.

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