Natural Awakenings

Self-love and discipline are the greatest steps one can take to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. Work, appointments and activities can lead to the feeling that life is being directed from the outside. The truth is each of us has been given exactly what we need to direct our days and fulfill our purpose in life. The power is fully within each person to express the gifts we possess and allow that radiance to shine. These five tips can release the brilliance within.

  1. Determine your deepest desires. No goal can be achieved without purpose or direction. All successes achieved have been a result of a belief that it could occur.
  2. Create high standards, and do not settle for less! Settling shows a need to grasp whatever is immediately available, because there is a belief that there is not enough for everyone. Standards that are set low are often exactly what is met. Set the bar high and believe that it will be met.
  3. Learn to say NO! A calendar filled to the brim leads to a frantic life.
  4. Receive gifts, compliments and blessings without having to repay the source. To receive abundance, one must show vulnerability by letting go of image management. Welcome what comes with gratitude and grace.
  5. Connect with a greater force through regular spiritual practices. This leads to a higher level of energy and joy for life, as well as a greater contribution to the world.

Creating an outlook that supports empowered living may seem daunting at first, but follow these tips to releasing brilliance and enjoy how quickly the shift occurs.