Business Consulting


Heather provides business consulting services and professional supervision to those seeking to advance their careers.  She uses her keen understanding of human behavior and her corporate and entrepreneurial background to help others reach big dreams personally & professionally. As individuals improve their confidence and wellbeing, they create profitable and meaningful businesses. During her time at Arthur Andersen, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, and other corporate settings, Heather instinctively recognized the very issues that can diminish a company’s ability to succeed and affect employee motivation. With emphasis on helping business owners feel confident and think large, effective communication skills, leadership training, and healthy lifestyle choices, Heather helps businesses succeed. She assists entrepreneurs and business leaders in creating strategies for healthy and sustainable businesses, including:

  • Cultivating relationship skills that influence people and generate sales
  • Becoming passionately connected to the soul of one’s work
  • Training to become a recognized leader
  • Developing visions and goals, along with concrete action steps to achieve them

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“Heather Hans possesses a litany of personal and intellectual qualities to provide others with viable and beneficial pathways to reach their greatest potential.”  ~ Darran Blake, Senior Vice President UBS, “TOP 50 Entrepreneurs of 2012,” Business Leader Magazine, “Philanthropist Leader of the Year,” Broward Alliance

“Every time I talk to Heather I feel uplifted. She is full of charisma, intelligence, spirit, wit, and charm. She is a gift to the world.”  ~ Joe Costella, Litigation Attorney

“Heather’s insight, demeanor and self-awareness make her a real asset to the social work field”.  ~ Andrea Philleo, M.S., M.S.W., Founder of Colorado Wellness Center for Girls