Is there a clear path to love?


But there is a blueprint to loving and it starts with you... loving yourself. One of the great purposes of life is to grow your soul and become a stronger, more powerful vessel of love. Many people feel as though they are not achieving this mission because they have an unsatisfying or nonexistent love life. They fail to see that growth is achieved through tension.

It is precisely your relationship struggles that drive you to create the love you want and need.

True love, one that feeds your soul is not a myopic search for your soul mate. It’s about creating yourself the way you want to be, and in so doing your best relationship appears.

A Blueprint for Love uses not only a deep dive into the why and how of loving, but equally important, a way to leverage your pain to build a better you and through that journey, a better relationship with yourself and others.


Heart of Self-LoveLove is our nature. From love is where we originate and to love is where we return. Nothing can break love. Love heals, love creates; love is the most powerful force of all. Without love humanity suffers - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When people cannot love themselves, they suffer from a deadly poison; when these poisonous thoughts, feelings, and behaviors take hold on one individual, everyone is impacted. Drawing from mystical wisdom and decades of experience in healing and human science as well as Hans’ riveting personal story, The Heart of Self-Love, a combination of instruction, inspiration, and memoir will guide your soul’s journey toward self-love, loving relationships, and Divine love.

"We teach people how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves." ~ Heather Hans




This lovely book will give you guidance and inspiration as you undertake the most important task of love: loving yourself. Read it and be encouraged. Read it and take heart!



Daphne Rose Kingma

Author of "When You Think You’re Not Enough: The Four Life-Changing Steps to Loving Yourself and The Future of Love"

Life’s journey is to help discover our Soulful Purpose and become our unique expression of Divine Love. Heather Hans knows what it takes to experience extraordinary love, and her book, The Heart of Self-Love, is for anyone who has struggled with self-worth and is ready to come into their power as the confident leader of their life.

Norman Wolfe

Author of "The Living Organization: Transforming Business To Create Extraordinary Results"

The Heart of Self Love is a must-read for anyone seeking practical tools for developing a concrete form of inner guidance by which to pursue their dreams. Astute psychotherapist, Heather Hans, shares the foundational principles we all need in order to access our highest potential, while living a joy-filled life in the process. Written in a manner that speaks to a modern world, this book illuminates the foundational principles needed to reconnect to our inner power and higher self. A quintessential road map to accessing the brilliance we already possess, healer and visionary, Heather Hans, fuses higher thought with real-world application.

Susan Winter

Best-Selling Author/Relationship Expert

Heather Hans has an in-depth understanding of the ways in which low self-esteem negatively impacts relationships. She lives and breathes what she preaches, and The Heart of Self-Love will guide you from co- dependence to self-confidence.

Kelly Miller

LCSW, Behavior Strategist

I really enjoyed this lovely book. It is wonderfully crafted with poignant stories that are exemplary as opposed to preachy. It is an uplifting, encouraging book that comes from a "bigger picture" articulated in a manner just as fine as Marianne Williamson. For those who like to keep a bit of inspirational reading on their book shelf, "The Heart of Self Love" deserves a space.

Claire Fullerton

Written in a semi-autobiographical style (the book is full of reported first hand experiences), this book covers a variety of topics that will be of interest to anyone with an interest in pursuing spiritual discussions and learning. A psychotherapist herself, Heather Hans has written about her experiences in overcoming a dysfunctional youth, searching for healing, and learning to share her knowledge with others. Her spiritual beliefs have been gained from years of study of most of the world's major religions and from attending workshops and seminars. Each chapter ends with a helpful list of questions for the reader to consider in their own lives, on a variety of topics, including relationships, self-worth, education, health, and future goals. This book is written in a warm, encouraging tone and provides many insights into why we experience the emotional and physical difficulties that many of us do. I enjoyed this book and found myself taking notes to reconsider long after I had finished it. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge of self-healing. All in all, a very enjoyable and encouraging read!

Dianne Greenlay

This book is just what I've needed. I'm not going through anything traumatic or depressing, I am more searching for my spirituality. Also, not being much of a reader, I found myself looking forward to the next time I could sit down, drink some tea, and get back to this book. Heather Hans is very uplifting and this book has given me some keys to life including feeling more compassion for others and to continue doing what I have been doing, practicing self-love. Thanks Heather and keep doing what you do for this world!

Melissa Galindo

Heather Hans owns special gifts such as clairvoyancy and healing and holistic therapy that has made her personality brilliant and unique. That is amazing and the Jewish have proved to be prominent in these fields. Every word of her book is radiating her powerful personality and readers will realize the power of self-love by reading this amazing book.

Jalil Vejdan Naseri

This is a fantastic book, a brilliant read.

Kajay Williams

This book is epic!

Diva Shenanigans

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