Life Coaching

You’re curious, devoted to personal development, and heartfelt. You are at a turning point in your life and ready to do what it takes to claim your truth and power. Clairvoyant coaching shines a light on your greatest strengths and fullest potential; what you know deep in your soul but that may be lost or suppressed from your conscious, everyday life. Heather uses her professional intuitive coach training, analytical and clairvoyant skills, warmth & nurturance, and experience guiding and uplifting others to help clients connect with their calling and gain confidence to make changes that lead to significant results.

Heather offers private coaching and consultation to clients worldwide, via phone, Skype, and email.

To schedule clairvoyant coaching from anywhere in the world please email:


♦ Finding Your Life Purpose

♦ Mindset & Attitude

♦ Empowerment from Oppression

♦ Success Strategies

♦ Life Transitions

♦ Speaking and Communication

Heather Hans possesses a litany of personal and intellectual qualities to provide others with viable and beneficial pathways to reach their greatest potential.

Darran Blake, Senior Vice President UBS, “TOP 50 Entrepreneurs,” Business Leader Magazine, “Philanthropist Leader of the Year,” Broward Alliance