Coaching and Consulting

Heather provides coaching and consulting to assist clients in achieving personal and professional goals. She helps individuals and leaders understand their strengths and how they are perceived by others, as well as identify current goals and action steps needed to achieve them. Heather is skilled and certified in intuitive coaching and is currently in the process of obtaining her Executive Leadership Certification through her doctoral program in Ethical & Creative Leadership.

Heather offers coaching and consultation to clients worldwide. To schedule a session please email:


♦ Finding Your Unique Life Purpose

♦ Improving Self-Confidence and Human Effectiveness

♦ Defining Goals and Creating Strategies to Achieve Them

♦ Becoming an Effective Leader

♦ Pinpointing and Overcoming Resistance to Change

♦ Developing Your Talents

Heather is someone you connect with immediately, feel at ease talking to, and whose advice when applied, brings peace, resolution, and discovery.

Jessica Helson, Former Owner of Chelsea Boutique