Heather Hans

Finally, a sequel as good as the original!

Enjoy the Yin and Yang of Aging.

Aging Part I

How do you feel about aging?  Do you like the aging process?  Do you enjoy it?  Is it something you dread? Do you dread your birthdays?  Today I’m going to talk about aging and the benefits to aging.

I always felt so sad when people felt sad about their birthdays, or when people didn’t want to reveal their age because they felt old.  Do you know how many things get better with age?  Not just wine.  Take a cast iron skillet, we can use this as a metaphor.  Cast iron skillets become seasoned the more they’re used, the older they get.  I’ve had mine for 15 years and use it almost daily, and it gets better with each use.

What else gets better with age?  Love and intimacy.  If you want to have a deep loving intimate relationship with yourself, with the divine, with another human being, that comes through time.  Time and age, vulnerability, expressing yourself, going through things together and coming out the other side.

Empathy gets better with age.  Do you remember when you were a child and made fun of someone?  We all did it.  All kids get picked on or made fun of at one point or another, because they haven’t yet developed that empathy chip.  As we get older and we go through our own hard knocks we become more empathetic to other people.  We understand different people’s points of view a lot easier.

We also become happier with age.  Many studies have shown that women’s depression improves with age.  That they’re not as depressed as they get older as they are when they were younger.

Another thing that gets better with age is body image.  If this surprises you, think again.  When we are young we’re focused on how we look and fitting in.  Do we stack up next to our peers or to what the media says we’re supposed to look like?  As we get older, frankly, we have bigger fish to fry, but we also get more comfortable in our own skin, and you can see people who are very confident and comfortable and very it’s attractive, and they may not look like a super model, but it’s because they are comfortable in who they are.  They’re confident.  They don’t have those body image issues.

Art and creativity get better with age.  Look at Van Gogh, he hardly made a penny when he was alive and painting, and now his paintings are worth a fortune.  The same with our creativity.  We have so much more depth inside of us as we age.  So much more life experience that we are able to create bigger and better pieces of art in our lives, creations.  There are tons of things that get better with age.

Aging is a beautiful process if you allow it to be.  If you are not happy with the aging process it likely means that there is something in your life that you are not doing even though your heart is calling for it.  I encourage you to do a bucket list.  Write three things that you want to achieve, in relationships, in your body and in your soul that you absolutely want to do before you die, and make sure that you do them.

Next go back and watch Aging Part II to fully enjoy the Yin and Yang of growing older.


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