Heather Hans

PabloPablo Picasso said, “There are only two types of women - goddesses and doormats.”  Which one are you?

Though I’m using the term women this applies to both men and women, because I've known many men and women who have treated themselves and allowed themselves to be treated like doormats.  So if you’re a man reading this just substitute god for the word goddess.

What is a doormat?

A doormat is something to goes unnoticed with the exception of a place to wipe the mud and dirt off of your feet before you enter the home, before you enter the palace, before you enter to who it is you’re going to see, before you enter the goodness.  A doormat is not noticed.  A door mat is only appreciated for one thing and it’s that collecting of dirt and soot and grime.

The interesting thing is that when we allow ourselves to be treated like a doormat it’s often because we want to be liked.  We want approval, and it has the opposite effect.  Because no one respects a doormat.  No one likes a doormat.  This quote by Pablo Picasso was brilliant because it shows the contrast between goddess and doormat.  It shows that people are not attracted to doormats.  So the very thing that we think is making people like us more is actually repelling.

GoodessLet’s look at the goddess.  A goddess is not conceited. She is not stuck on herself.  She doesn't need to be.  She radiates.  She doesn't try to be a goddess.  She simply is a goddess.  What makes her a goddess?  She takes care of herself.  She follows through on her word.  She doesn't mind saying no to people if it’s the right thing to do.  She doesn't go around searching for approval.  She approves of herself.  She does what brings her joy in this life no matter what anyone thinks.

That is a goddess, and when a goddess comes into her full fruition she draws people to her without even trying.  People come knocking on her door step, after they wipe their feet on the doormat, because they want to be in her presence.  They want to be in her presence because she is loving who she is and what she is doing in this world and that’s magnetic.  We all want to love what we do.  We all want to be around people who life and love what they do in this world and who love themselves.

Loving yourself is not conceited.  People who are conceited actually have low self-worth so they have to prop themselves up and get big egos.  That’s a sign of low self-worth.  A goddess has nothing to prove.  She simply loves.  She simply goes about her life with joy and with passion.

Are you ready to drop the doormat that you've wrapped around yourself and become the god or goddess that you are?

 Door Mat

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