Heather Hans

hiddensolutionsWhat problem in your life feels unsolvable?  Today I’d like to talk to you about hidden solutions and I’d like to give you a demonstration of how solutions are often times right under our nose, we just haven’t tapped into them yet.

All of us have things in our lives that feel unsolvable; problems, questions, concerns, and sometimes we end up accepting them because we think they’re unsolvable. Other times we live in frustration or disappointment, because we don’t think there are solutions to our problems.  But there are solutions, you just don’t know it yet.

We only see a small fraction of what’s available to us in this physical plane, and even in the physical plane there’s a lot that we miss.  Take a shoe, an ordinary shoe, when I tie a double knot in the shoelace, so that it doesn't come untied, here’s my problem, the shoelace then cannot be untied unless I go through the knot because it is a double knot.  When I pull on one end the knot become tighter - when I’m trying to find one solution it becomes tighter.  However, when I pull on the other end the entire double knot becomes undone.  Most people don’t know that little trick, just like most people don’t know about solutions that are available to us but we just haven’t tapped into yet.

A Course in Miracles talks about a miracle being a shift of perception.  That means when we change our thoughts miracles are allowed to happen.  When we open our minds, when we rethink things in ways that we haven’t thought about them before, miracles can occur.

A lot of times our problems have to do with Earthly circumstances such as relationships, love, money, health, and when we’re up against something that just seems impossible to solve we make up our minds that they’re unsolvable, and sometimes we have people telling us they’re unsolvable.  Doctors will tell people, “There’s no cure.” Or “You are terminal, you are going to die.”  However, there have been an equal amount of stories of people not taking that information in and instead saying no, there is a solution and I am going to find it.

I was talking to my son about this one day and he said, “Well, is there a solution for having a money machine where it just spits out a $100 every day for me?” and I said, “Actually there is, young man.  You've already saved over $1,000 at the ripe old age of 8 years old.  I've no doubt in my mind that you could one day create a money machine that’s going to spit out money for you.”  These solutions are available.

Miracles have happened and do happen all the time when we are open to them.  I invite you to take a look at something in your life that seems unsolvable, to which you don’t see a solution, and pray, ask for guidance, “Please open me up to a new solution.  Please open me up to shifting my thoughts, shifting the way I think to a way I haven’t thought before so I may find my own solution."


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