Heather Hans

Today’s blog is interactive, so get out your paper and pen!

On that paper I want you to write down five beings whose lives you positively touch.  Yes, five beings whose lives you positively touch.  These are ~ people, animals, the earth ~ any kind of living being whose life you brighten and make better and contribute to.  We all have these in our lives, many more than 5, but when we feel low and down we forget how significant we are, and it doesn't mean we have to do something huge to be significant.  It means that we are affecting people’s lives in a positive way just by existing.  That is love – to be loved just because you exist.

Brighten LivesWhose life do you touch?  Obviously your family.  Which ones of your family members’ lives to you touch, and how do you touch it?  What do you do?  What are some of the ways that you show your love?  Animals.  Do you have an animal, or several, on your life?  You surely touch their lives in a positive way.  Children, family or not.  These can be people you see often or rarely.  Sometimes we remember those people we only had brief contact with like a helper, mentor or coach that was only in our life for a period of time, but we remember them because they made a positive impact.

What about the earth?  What do you do for the earth to show your love?  How do you positively impact the earth? If you recycle you’re doing something positive for the earth.  If you compost, if you’re conscientious about the waste that you put into the earth.  Those are ways that the earth is benefiting by you.

What about in your community?  Whose lives are you touching?  Did you know that when you go to the store and make a purchase you are positively impacting many people’s lives because you are supporting that store, and you are supporting the employees of that store.  People don’t think about this.  We think we’re just buying stuff and going home, but you made a difference in that store and to those people.  If you volunteer you’re certainly making a difference.  You’re donating your time, your money, your skills!

In your workplace.  What about in your workplace?  Work is meant to be positive.  It’s meant to inspire and create new life, new forms of life in one way or another, not matter what your profession is, we are bringing new life to the world through our work.  How do you do that through your work?  Whatever job you do, no matter how small, it’s contributing to the bigger whole of someone being provided a good or service that betters the world, hopefully. 😉

Who are five people or beings that benefit from you, your houseplants, your dog, your lover, your friend, the person at the store?  Write down their names, and write down what you do for them.  1. being alive – that brightens their world.

Heather Hans is a mystical healer using loving energy to facilitate healing for the heart, mind, body and soul.  Heather can personally guide you in your journey of growth and healing through her new book The Heart of Self-Love: How to Radiate with Confidence available through Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and booksellers world-wide.  Get your copy today!