Heather Hans

letgoWhat is the most freeing thing you can ever do? ~ Well, I gave it away in the title.

Letting go.

Letting go is so freeing that it even trumps forgiveness.  Forgiveness is like the ultimate of spiritual and religious doctrines, to forgive frees you.  That is the truth!  To let go takes it even a step further.  To let go, in your life, means to release your attachment to it, whatsoever.  It is to release control, to trust in the Divine as your partner, because the Divine cannot be your partner if you are holding on with such a tight grip that there is no room for anything to enter.  We hold on to things all the time.  We walk around tense.  Our thoughts are tense.  Our hearts get tense.  Our bodies get tense.  Half-the-time we don’t even realize we’re not breathing, because we’re so tense.  When you let it go, when you trust, when you no longer put energy towards whatever it is that you are focusing on, you are free.

Think about the ultimate physical act of letting go, when your muscles are contracting and then there is this huge release and “Oh my goodness, it feels so good,” because you are letting go.  There is tension, and then you let go.  When you are trying to figure something out and wracking your brain there is no way you are going to resolve it, because you have not let go.  When you have a worry it will take hold of you the more you think about it, even though you think that if you keep thinking about it you will find a solution and resolve it.  In fact, it is the opposite.  When you let go, dump it to the universe (the universe can handle it) dump it to mother earth (she can handle it), and then it comes back to you refreshed in a new way.

What in your life have you not let go of?  What are you holding on to?  You can tell when you are holding on to something when it causes unpleasant feelings, such as bitterness, resentment, worry, and anxiety.  These feelings mean that you have not let go, in fact, you are holding on with a tight grip.  If you can let go you will reach a new elevation that will make you smile.  I promise!  May we all learn to let go.

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