Heather Hans


Have you ever had to make a hard decision in your life? Yeah!?!

Sometimes I feel like every single decision of mine is this big struggle.  “What’s the right decision?” Sometimes we DO have difficult decisions to make and the path is not clear. Each way has pros and cons and hard as we try to listen to our mind, our heart, and our gut, there’s not a clear answer. Things aren’t black and white, usually they’re gray. How do we make a good decision? How do we make the RIGHT decision when the decision is hard and unclear?

Decisions are made on a moment to moment basis. Every moment you have the opportunity to make a new decision. Remember that! No decision you make is ever permanent, because in the next moment you have another opportunity. I hope that lightens your load.

The other thing is that if you approach decisions with sincerity and with a pure heart, wanting to do the right thing, wanting to do the best thing, you can’t go wrong. Because that sincerity and that pure heart is the right thing no matter which path you take.  When you make a decision, it’s important to let go. Make your decision and let go, and then a new moment arises. Make it and let go, make it and let go.

If you take a while to make a decision that’s okay! So many people want to know the answers. They want to feel like they have the answers and come to a decision because being in uncertainty, being ambivalent, is anxiety provoking. It’s insecure, but that’s where the power lies. When you’re in that state of flux and in that state of insecurity, when you can hold the darkness and the light, when you can hold certainty and uncertainty at the same time, that’s powerful. Rushing to a decision to make it in order to put yourself at ease is not powerful. That’s running out of fear.

Here’s a prayer of mine to God when I have a difficult decision to make: “Dear God, trying as this situation has been, it’s strengthened my commitment to you. I leaned on you when I felt alone and insecure, and though I continue to feel confused and you unanswerable, I was reminded often that I was placed on this earth by YOU, which means I can’t lose either way.” Either decision is okay! “What I can do is use my heart, my mind, my body, and my soul to move in the direction I believe is most in line with my integrity without condemning or idolizing the path not taken. I figure you’ll take me when the time is right, and until then I will create new life. Amen.”

I wish this for you, to know, you cannot go wrong if you put your heart and soul into making a decision for yourself. Know that in every moment we have a new opportunity, and in every moment in the past you made the best decision you knew how to make at that time. Bravo!

Heather Hans is a mystical healer using loving energy to facilitate healing for the heart, mind, body and soul.  Heather can personally guide you in your journey of growth and healing through her new book The Heart of Self-Love: How to Radiate with Confidence available through AmazonBarnes&Noble, and booksellers world-wide.  Get your copy today!