Heather Hans

poisonousPoison!  Poisonous thoughts destroy us.

Do you know how many poisonous thoughts you have in a day?  I wasn’t aware of it until recently when I noticed a subtle decline in my physical health.  This decline was because I was focusing hard on something that bothered me.

Our thoughts are our biggest enemy.  They can also be what bring us the most joy when we direct them in the right places.  We are so in our heads that we don’t even realize what’s going on with our thoughts.  It’s our reality.  But if were to stand back and objectively look at how much we were focusing on negativity we’d be amazed.  I was amazed! I didn’t think I was a negative person until I looked at some of my thoughts recently.  I was astounded!  Me, negative?!?  Me, cynical?!?

I like to uplift people.  I like to feel uplifted, but when I examined my own thoughts and saw the disappointment, the negative, the cynical and pessimistic attitude that I was holding with me from long ago, WAY long ago, I saw it had become a pattern.  The things that go on in our minds are patterns.  They have established grooves, just like grooves in those old albums.  They go around and round and each time they go around they form a deeper, deeper, deeper groove until they seem normal.  It seems normal to have these negative thoughts, so normal that we don’t even know we’re having negative thoughts.  They don’t seem negative!

If you look at a person’s life you will see their thoughts.  If a person is living in abundance and love it is a reflection of their thoughts.  If a person is living in sickness, in lack, in sorrow, in heartbreak, in suffering, that is a reflection of their thoughts.  Their thoughts are creating their reality.

recordThe mind is powerful.  We are powerful. We are even more powerful than our minds, and that’s the good news.  Our minds are strong and they do what they do, but when you notice what it's doing, YOU have the ability to notice those thoughts and set up a new groove.  At first that new groove will be slippery, because there won’t be much of a divot there.  It will be slippery, and we won’t know.  We won’t feel like we’re standing on solid ground, because we’re not used to thinking so abundantly.  We’ve gotten used to these pessimistic thoughts.  But the more we practice our new thoughts, everything in life is a practice, the deeper engrained they become until eventually we form a new groove and our outside life reflects that new groove. We have abundance in our life. We are not bogged down with disappointment. We are not constantly let down. We do not see all of these things around us that bother us.  It’s just setting up a new groove, and the power is in you.

Examine your thoughts.  The biggest way to do that is to observe how you feel and observe your life.  The places where you’ve had positive thoughts are places that are abundant in your life.  Look at where there is abundance in your life and most likely those are places where you’ve had pure love and pure confidence, so you’ve manifested it.  The places where you’re lacking it are where you’ve not been so confident.  You’ve been doubting. You’ve been insecure, and the outside circumstances reflect that.  How about a new groove?  Let’s hear your new groove.

Heather Hans is a mystical healer using loving energy to facilitate healing for the heart, mind, body and soul.  Heather can personally guide you in your journey of growth and healing through her new book The Heart of Self-Love: How to Radiate with Confidence available through AmazonBarnes&Noble, and booksellers world-wide.  Get your copy today!