Heather Hans

Do you dream of meeting someone who never gets on your nerves?

I had a conversation recently with someone who had a big blind spot.  We all have our bind spots.  This particular person's blind spot was that he believed that a partner existed who would never, ever, get on his nerves.

No one reaches for the stars more than I do, and perhaps there are those couples, those people, those individuals who exist who just never get irritable.  Maybe there are.  I've never met one.  For the most part, people get on each other's nerves.  I get on my own nerves.  Even God gets on my nerves, sometimes.

baby feetPeople get on each other's nerves, and when we are in an intimate relationship with someone they are going to rub us the wrong way sometimes, and sometimes it's not always even them.  The person I love most, my own child, when does he get on my nerves?  Sometimes it's just because I'm tired that day, so my nerves are exposed.  Even the people we love and cherish get on our nerves.  What to look for is, overall, when you think of this person do they bring you joy?  Could you not imagine life without them? Do you love them deeply?  Or, is all you can think about how they get on your nerves.  If that's the case, yes, probably not a good person to be in a relationship with, if all they ever do is get on your nerves.

But, in any relationship, in any partnership, even in friendships, in working relationships, in close relationships people get on each others nerves from time to time, and that is okay, because life is about the whole.  It's about the light.  It's about the darkness.  It's about the happiness.  It's about the sadness, and everything in-between.   To just shot for one little compartmentalized piece of life is setting yourself up for dysfunction and a stunted view of the world.  It also prevents you from being truly intimate with someone.

True intimacy requires that we are real and raw and vulnerable with other people, and also that we also allow other people to be real and raw and vulnerable with us.  Sometimes we're going to make each other super happy, and other times we're going to grate on each other a little bit. Heck, you might have just gotten on someone's nerves at the grocery store this morning.  People get on each other's nerves and that's A-Okay.  There's no shame in it.  Just like there's nothing wrong with crying when you need to cry.

water heartI hope this encourages you the next time someone gets on your nerves, someone you love, someone you care about.  To look at what is it that's really the essence of this relationship and if it is love getting on your nerves is one small side-note that is acceptable.

Do you accept it when your loved one gets on your nerves?

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