Heather Hans

Your soul has never, ever, ever made a mistake!

How does this statement sit with you?  Do you believe me?

We make human errors all the time, all the time.  Yet, we have a deeper wisdom, and that is called the soul.  Our soul has a deeper wisdom than our brains.  Our brains are powerful.  Our brains are amazing!  Yet, the soul goes beyond the brain, and our soul guides us to every situation.  It guides us to every situation for our highest good in order to continue life.  The soul is everlasting, life is everlasting, and therefore, it wants to keep creating itself anew and it does whatever it needs to do to create something new and fresh.

When we look back on our human earthly mistakes we can beat ourselves up or feel like we made a wrong turn, but we didn't.  Our soul even guided us towards those.  What can you learn from those “mistakes” or “errors,” and can you just let them roll off your back?  Let them roll, because we're always going to make mistakes, always!  In this world.  Yet our soul has a bigger grip on things than we do in our personalities and our minds.



Sometimes the most tragic, horrific, and upsetting events are exactly what our soul needed in order to expand and keep moving forward even more strongly and more powerfully.  What are some of the mistakes that you feel like you've made in your life that you didn't have to make?  Needless mistakes, stupid mistakes.  What might the soul have been guiding you towards with that mistake? What might it have been showing you?

I don't have many regrets.  I regret all the sun I got when I was young, but why might my soul have guided me towards that, just being young and foolish and wanting to get a tan?  Well now I take good care of myself.  I used to smoke cigarettes.  I used to do all kinds of stuff, and now I take really good care of myself and will continue to for the rest of my life.  I don't think I would be taking care of myself as well as I do if my soul hadn't guided me down that other path first.

Can you look at some of your mistakes and see how your soul has pushed you into them so that you can push yourself out of them and grow from them?

Heather Hans is a mystical healer using loving energy to facilitate healing for the heart, mind, body and soul.  Heather can personally guide you in your journey of growth and healing through her new book The Heart of Self-Love: How to Radiate with Confidence available through AmazonBarnes&Noble, and booksellers world-wide.  Get your copy today!